Why Crystal Fire® Plus?

Crystal Fire® Plus Technology

With patent pending upgraded construction and a higher BTU output, experience a taller, brighter, fuller, more yellow flame with every Crystal Fire® Plus burner. The pan burner design results in a more natural flame pattern.

Positive Connect

All Crystal Fire® Plus Burners feature a "Positive Connect" user experience with minimal assembly and quick installation time. The flex line, Variable Control Safety Valve, liquid propane hose, and regulator are all pre-connected at the factory for easy installation.

Safety Ignition & Safety Shutdown

Controlled by a Variable Control Safety Valve with flame sense technology. If a flame is not sensed for any reason, the burner will automatically close the connection to the gas source.

Outdoor-Rated Design

The pitched burner surface design and construction means rain and water drain away from the burner, through the perimeter of the pan. Crystal Fire® Plus burners can also operate above 31 mph wind gusts.

Adjustable Flame

Infinitely adjust the flame on your fire pit burner from low to high.

UL & ULC Listed

All Crystal Fire® Plus Burners are UL & ULC Listed to ANSI Z21.97-2017/CSA 2.41-2017.

Commercial Grade

Any Crystal Fire® Plus burner can be installed in outdoor commercial or contract applications. With every one of our outdoor fire burners, you can be sure your installation will meet city code and safety regulations.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Crystal Fire® Plus burner has a limited lifetime warranty on the stainless steel burner construction. Stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance and resilience to heat. Steel is also the most recycled metal in the world and stainless steel is 100% recyclable.