Indoor Fireplaces

Are the electric fireplace units quiet?

Yes, they have a lightweight composite shaft for the fan/blower making it very quiet.

Can I hang a TV over my fireplace?

Yes! When paired with Outdoor GreatRoom Company's Non-Combustible Supercast™ Mantels, your TV can safely be hung at a comfortable viewing height. Because our Supercast™ Mantels are non-combustible, they act as a barrier between the heat from your fireplace and your TV. This allows you to hang your TV at a more comfortable viewing height than if no mantel or a mantel made from combustible materials were installed.

Can the electric fireplace units be installed in a bathroom?

Yes. It should be located away from a wet/splash zone and away from direct steam.

Do all of the electric fireplace units come with a full featured remote control?

Yes. The remote controls the flame setting, heat, and thermostat.

How big of a room will the electric fireplaces heat?

While there are many factors to consider (insulation, outdoor temperatures, openness of the room, etc.) 5000 BTU's should be adequate to heat a room that is about 10x20 ft. with an 8 ft. ceiling.

How much heat will the electric fireplaces put out?

The heat output on high is equivalent to 5000 BTU's/hour (GBL-44 & GBL-64 up to 4500 BTU's/hour.)


What happens if we leave the flame on the electric fireplaces?

The unit is under warranty for 10,000 hours (400+ days.) There is a safety mechanism that prevents over heating if the heater is left on for extended periods of time. If you operate the fireplace for 4 hours a day the LED lights should last at least 6 years.

What is the cost to operate the electric fireplace units?

Based on the 2012 national average electricity costs, the cost to operate the flame and lights is less than one penny per hour. The cost to operate the heater is about 9 cents per hour on low and 18 cents per hour on high.

Why does my gas fireplace shut off after 8 hours of continual use?

Our fireplaces feature a heat safety mode with an automatic 8-hour shut off timer. You may turn your fireplace back on if it shuts off due to the safety timer mode.

Why is my fan not working on my gas fireplace?

If your fan does not seem to be operating correctly, it may need to be cleaned due to pet hair or other air debris. Use compressed air to clean the fan. Keep the fan from rotating while cleaning.

Why is my gas fireplace randomly shutting off after I start it?

If your indoor gas fireplace is randomly shutting off after it is started, there may be an issue with your venting or vent installation. Contact your local fireplace technician for further assistance.

Why is there soot on my logs?

Soot may occur if your logs shift and are covering a gas port or if your air shutter was not adjusted for the correct gas type during installation. Contact your local fireplace technician for further assistance.

Why won’t my gas fireplace ignite?

If your gas fireplace isn’t igniting, it may be due to an improper seal on the glass front or venting issues. Contact your local fireplace technician for further assistance.