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Host a Backyard BBQ

The backyard is the perfect place to gather friends and family for an afternoon get-together. Grill hotdogs and hamburgers on the revolutionary Cook Number Grills or at your very own custom outdoor kitchen for the ultimate backyard-cookout experience. Gas and electric models are available and all come with built-in temperature sensors to let you know when your food is done, allowing you to entertain and enjoy your company while still assuring perfect results every time. No more worrying about overcooking!

summer grilling

Another option is an outdoor kitchen island. Customize your outdoor dining experience by adding music and other kitchen accessories like sinks, refrigerators, side burners, gas fire burner feature, or maybe even a kegerator! All islands are custom made and can be personalized to fit your outdoor space and style. Visit this page to find out more about our custom outdoor kitchen islands.

custom outdoor kitchen island

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