Troubleshooting Loud Gas Flow

June 14, 2018

Are you hearing a loud noise coming from the gas fire pit or gas fireplace? There are multiple causes for annoying noises coming from your gas appliance. The greater the flow or velocity through your system, the more likely you may hear a noise. If your gas appliance inputs a high amount of BTUs, the increased volume could also be a cause for the noise.

Here are a few troubleshooting solutions for the loud sound being produced by your gas firepit or fireplace.

  1. Do you hear a whistling noise in the flex line? The internal formations may be the cause. If you’re installing a flex line, do your best to avoid bends and angles. You can remedy an already installed flex line by fixing any drastic bends or twists.
  2. Is the odd noise coming from your orifice? An orifice controls the amount of gas flow. Sometimes the orifice can produce whistling depending on the flow rates or specifications. If this may be your whistling issue, disconnect the gas supply and try removing the orifice and blowing through it to make sure. If your orifice whistles, call our customer service at 1-866-303-4028 and we can help to make sure your orifice has the right specifications.
  3. If the first 2 options are not solving your noisy gas flow issue, try resizing to a larger orifice and reduce the inlet pressure. This solution allows for the same BTU input but slows the flow through the orifice to decrease the sound. However, make sure to try the first possible solutions since this last troubleshooting method requires some extra skill and knowledge to be done correctly.

Thankfully, our highly-trained professionals design our quality products to redefine the outdoor living experience rather than hinder it. Our gas fire pit tables and electric fireplaces are constructed and tested to ensure an enjoyable, non-disruptive fire experience for you and your family and friends. Get Out With OGC knowing your gas fire feature will be a place of memories and not unneeded noise.

Cedar Ridge Fire Pit Table
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