Troubleshooting Loud Gas Flow

June 14, 2018

Are you hearing a loud noise coming from the gas fire pit or gas fireplace? There are multiple causes for annoying noises coming from your gas appliance. The greater the flow or velocity through your system, the more likely you may hear a noise. If your gas appliance inputs a high amount of BTUs, the increased volume could also be a cause for the noise.

Here are a few troubleshooting solutions for the loud sound being produced by your gas firepit or fireplace.

  1. Do you hear a whistling noise in the appliance flex-line? The internal structure of the flex-line and the path the gas follows inside of the flex-line can be the cause. When installing a flex-line, do your best to avoid sharp bends and angles. You may be able to remedy a noisy flex-line that is already installed by carefully re-positioning the line to remove sharp bends and angles. Using commercially available appliance gas connectors (yellow corrugated flex-lines from hardware stores) is not recommended for gas fire pits or fireplaces. These hoses are not intended for the higher gas input rates of these appliances and produce large amounts of noise. OGC has various sizes and lengths of whistle-free flex-lines available. Contact OGC to order the right flex-line for your project.
  2. Is the noise coming from your orifice? The orifice is what controls the amount of gas that your appliance is using. Sometimes the shape of an orifice can produce a whistling depending on the gas flow rate and gas pressure. If re-positioning the flex-lines in your appliance did not fix the noise, disconnect the gas supply to the burner and remove the orifice. Blow through the orifice to check for a whistle. If your orifice whistles, call our customer service at 1-866-303-4028 and we can ensure you have a proper orifice.
  3. Ensure your air shutter is properly adjusted according to the Crystal Fire® Burner manual. A properly adjusted air shutter will give the brightest flame and quietest performance. For natural gas the air shutter should be completely closed. For liquid propane, the air shutter should be open between 3/16” and 1/4”.
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Thankfully, our highly-trained professionals design our quality products to redefine the outdoor living experience rather than hinder it. Our gas fire pit tables and electric fireplaces are constructed and tested to ensure an enjoyable, non-disruptive fire experience for you and your family and friends. Bring Home Outside with OGC knowing your gas fire feature will be a place of memories and not unneeded noise.

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