Fire Pit Must-Have Accessories

July 31, 2019
Modern Cortlin Linear Gas Fire Pit Table with Lava Rock and Glass Wind Guard for landscape contract or commercial spaces by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Gas fire pit accessories add an even more unique, upscale look to your fire pit table. Each type of fire pit accessory – fire media, glass guard, and protective cover – offer their own benefits and value. But what are your add-on options for your fire table? What are the accessories for? Why would I want a glass wind guard, protective cover, or other fire media?  Let’s breakdown each accessory option.

Versatile, Gas Fire-Approved Tumbled Lava Rock by the Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or backyard fire pit table

Fire Media

Fire pit media comes in all different shapes and sizes. Check out the 101 on fire media here. Whether you call it fire pit pebbles, stones, or gems, the tempered glass gems provide a modern look to your fire table. Every fire pit table includes clear glass gems. Changing the color of the glass gems is an easy way to update the fire table look with minimal investment – even mix and match for a unique design. Lava rocks are also a popular look that provides a more traditional fire pit appearance, especially when paired with the faux log set.

But why fire media? Fire media is required for operating a gas fire pit, fireplace, or burner. Fire media helps evenly disperse the heat and prevents from any damage to the burner pan. When choosing fire pit or burner filler, ensure the media is approved for use with fire. All Outdoor GreatRoom Company fire pit media filler is safe and approved for use with our fire pit tables, fireplaces, and burners.

Copper Crushed Tempered Fire Glass

Glass Wind Guard

A glass wind guard is a wind shield, wall, or barrier for the flames on your fire pit table. Glass wind guards are made of tempered glass that’s safe next to the heat and flames on your fire table. For families with kids and/or pets, it’s a highly recommended fire pit accessory to keep little hands and wagging tails from the flames or attractive fire media. The glass wind guard also protects the flame from wind or debris.

For an added convenience, the folding wind guard is a 2-in-1 burner cover and glass wind guard. The panes of tempered glass detach from the base to set up for a wind guard and down for a burner cover. The folding wind guard eliminates the need to switch the glass wind guard and burner cover every time, getting you one step closer to enjoying your cozy fire whenever.

12x24" Folding Glass Guard for Crystal Fire Burner by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company to complete your patio or backyard DIY project

Protective Cover

A fire pit protective cover preserves your outdoor space investment. It keeps outdoor elements – rain, snow, debris, etc. away from the fire pit table. The breathable cover also lets excess moisture out, protecting the fire table’s construction. With any gas fire pit table, we highly recommend a protective cover. While our fire pit tables are tested against the elements, the cover increases the longevity for even more years of enjoyment in your backyard.

Durable, heavy-duty Protective Cover for Brooks, Kenwood Rectangular, & Sierra Linear Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or backyard gas fire pit

Contract Additions

When it comes to a gas fire pit table for a contract position in a commercial space such as a hotel, restaurant, brewery, apartment complex, etc., extra safety features are available. A key valve can be added to your gas fire pit purchase. Simply use the key to turn the fire pit on, adjust the flame height, or turn the fire pit off. Then only designated individuals have access to adjusting the fire pit.

Every gas fire pit table or individual burner pan can be equipped with a direct spark ignition (DSI) system. What’s the difference between a DSI system and a battery-operated system? This article breaks it down. But a DSI system provides increased safety features. For instance, if the flames go out due to wind, the system will attempt to relight. If it fails to relight, the system will turn off. The DSI system can also be used with a remote (sold separately from the system) for increased convenience.

Visit your local retailer for accessory options for your fire pit table, or start browsing now.

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