Custom & Commercial Capabilities

April 20, 2017
The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has and continues to make products that make great additions to any home, but in addition we also offer products that are custom and commercially-rated. Our products such as fire pits, outdoor gas fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and UL listed burners are all customizable. You can create the dream, determine the space you need, and define your vision, and we can turn that into a reality. In addition to our custom products, we also offer commercially rated products for all types of public and commercial spaces. OGC's commercially rated outdoor products include gas burners, fire pits, fire tables, and outdoor kitchens. We have helped many homeowners, businesses, and companies turn their dream into reality.

Custom Products

The process starts with your dream. You decide what you are looking for in your space by defining the vision and the purpose. Will it serve as entertaining, relaxing, dinning, etc.? Then, think about the layout and if there is landscaping to include. It is also important to think about desired appliances or accessories. If you are designing an outdoor kitchen, think about which appliances you may want to include such as a grill or refrigerator. If you're looking for a relaxing spot to hang out with family and friends maybe a fire table is more your style. Then you get to chose your custom finishes. Once the desired product, features, and materials are selected, our engineering team will work with you to create a finished sketch. After that, we put this idea to work and turn it into a finished product customized to your dream!
Some of the custom features that OGC can add include fiber optic lighting, LED backlighting, sound systems, appliances, special finishes, adding a name or logo to the fire pit or kitchen, and much more! If you can dream it, we can do it.

Commercial Products

OGC strives to create the best product for any type of commercial setting. If you have a vision for your business or company, we can help you create it with both standard and custom products. If you like one of our current products, we can offer it as commercially rated with added safety features. If you have your own idea or a twist to one of our standard products, we can also make a custom commercial product tailored to your specific needs. Our commercially rated products are perfect for apartments, hotels, restaurants, sports stadiums, and more.
Safety features that OGC offers with our commercially-rated products include a key valve, glass wind guard, protective vinyl cover, emergency shut off, and more. Also, all fire products use our UL listed crystal fire burner.
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