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The First Ten Years



The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ started as an idea many years ago and is now flourishing as a business. After ten years of hard work and countless challenges, this year has been one of growth and success.

Based on my business and life experiences, I think it would be difficult to find a more challenging time frame to start a business than we did.  The “Great Recession” of 2009 hit us hard.  It was apparent as we were living through it, that we could no longer continue doing the same thing and expect different results.  While we were almost taken out of business, we managed to put in place some key programs for sourcing, manufacturing in the U.S., and strategic product direction, which all contributed to our growth today.  We had some key people who were willing to take a hard look at things and then put in the effort to make them happen.  You have all heard this before, but in the end it is good people who put in a great effort to make things happen.

These changes have resulted in back to back years with 25%+ growth and a profitable bottom line. Two major decisions we have made as a company are to become the market leader in Crystal Fire™ gas fire pit burners and fire tables.  These both have been a major area of focus.  Also, one very important strategic decision for us has been getting into electric fireplaces. This has given us a winter product to sell and so far looks very promising.

I have thanked our employees for their support, but I also need to thank our suppliers and most importantly our customers.  They have shown a nice degree of patience and a high level of interest.  We are enthusiastic about the future and are confident we can help our customers enjoy a nice level of growth in our product categories. OGC products are a great opportunity to grow business in a new market and fire up sales.  Lets work together and make it happen!

–Dan Shimek

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One Response to “The First Ten Years”

  1. Eric Cannon Says:

    I’ve worked with many companies in my 30+ years repping in the hearth industry. Outdoor Greatroom has been one of the very best and also the most fun. The office is full of hard working quality people who are a joy to work with. I’ve seen sales in my territory go from 0 to be a key line in my offering. Thanks to Dan, Paul, et al for the support and friendship. Toast to 10 more good years!!

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