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Outdoor Gas Grilling—in December

December grilling in Minnesota with a Cook Number Gas Grill.

We just prepared one of the best, easiest and most economical meals on our Cook Number Grill. The Bone in Country Ribs were fantastic.

Cook Number Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Here’s the drill on the grill:
While cooking in the convection mode, I set the dial to medium heat. This resulted in a temperature of about 240F.  About an hour earlier, the bone in ribs (about 1 ½ –2 inches thick) were rubbed with olive oil and seasoned with a favorite meat seasoning (in this case it was one from our meat market which is called Van Hansens). The ribs are then positioned standing up on their bone and allowed to slow cook. The total cooking time was three hours. After one hour, the ribs were rotated but still left standing on the bone. Also, at this point sliced carrots (with a little olive oil and some brown sugar) and sliced potatoes (seasoned with olive oil, salt, lemon pepper and dill) were put on next to the ribs..  Both of these dishes were wrapped in a double layer of aluminum wrap.  After three hours, the six ribs (about a pound a piece) were done to perfection. They were incredibly tender and moist—the result of a slow cooking process. The potatoes and carrots were also cooked just right.

The beauty of this meal is that the bone in country ribs cost only $2.49 per pound and when served they look like a $10/# meal. The convection mode on the Cook Number Grill was great!

Dan, The Outdoor Man

PS:  I was kept warm while occasionally checking on this with a infrared heater—it really works great above a grill for light and heat!


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