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Outdoor Entertaining

An Outdoor GreatRoom not only adds value to your home, but gives you a great option for entertaining friends and family.  One consumer’s testimonial:

“Over Labor Day weekend, I entertained friends and family, and the event took place outside. The pergola was a great help in the afternoon, it was rather warm and the pergola helped shade the sun during the day. Dinner was made easy with the EZ-Island and a Cook Number Grill, the family was extremely intrigued with the grill and how simple it was to create a meal with the Cook Number technology.  And for the relatives that never leave, we sat by the Naples Coffee Table with the Crystal Fire – until I kicked them out! It was a great way to relax and end the evening.” – Renee

Sonoma Pergola - Outdoor Room

Sonoma Pergola - Outdoor Room




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