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Labor Day Grilling – Take the Carcinogens Out!

As consumers we are now able to be more informed than ever before regarding Healthy Grilling.  So treat your guests right this Labor Day and abide by some of these simple, healthy grilling tips:

  1. Where There’s Smoke, there’s a Risk!
  2. Stay Clear of Charred Meats Fish normally lowest in Fat, Poultry then Red Meats
  3. Keep Fat to a minimum, Fish normally lowest in Fat, Poultry then Red Meats
  4. Pre-Cook – then Grill
  5. Oil your Grill Grids – not sticky and more healthy!
  6. Keep your Grill clean!
  7. Marinades actually help reduce carcinogens!
  8. Use Foil to minimize dripping fats
  9. Use a Cook Number Grill for even cooking all over – no charring
  10. Try grilling vegetable and fruits – delicious!

There are many more useful tips and suggestions. Here are a few helpful  links to learn more about healthy grilling.

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Enjoy Your Healthy Grilling!

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