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Pergola Comparison: Buy or DIY?

November 20th, 2014


When planning an outdoor room a pergola is an important part of the overall design. Beyond choosing the style of what you want, it is important to consider your overall cost and time spent. Whether you are a dealer looking to provide Pergolas to your customers, or a retail consumer looking to DIY a pergola yourself, the Outdoor GreatRoom Company wants to help you figure that out. Below is a comparison of what it would cost, both time and dollars, to DIY build a Sonoma 12 foot Pergola or purchase from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company.

Do It Yourself Construction

ACTION ITEM                                                                                   ESTIMATED TIME

Putting together a plan for constructing                                              1 days

Constructing each column of pergola                                                   2 days

Constructing each arched rafter (8 rafters)                                          3 days

Constructing each straight rafter (10 rafters)                                      2 days

Detailing, sanding, routing edges, grooves, etc.                                   3 days

Staining and drying                                                                                  2 days

Buying hardware, miscellaneous                                                            1 days

Delivery, installation                                                                                 1 day

   Total Time To Construct Pergola                     15 days         


Estimated cost of lumber                                                                       $1350

Estimated cost of hardware                                                                   $450

Estimated cost of stain                                                                          $175

Estimated tool rental, other materials needed                                    $350

15 days labor, 10 hours per day, 1 person @ $15 per hour                $2,250

   Total Estimated Cost                                          $4,575

These would be estimated costs for a landscaper building a 12’ arched wood pergola by themselves.  This would involve 15 working days and $4,575 worth of materials/labor.  This is also assuming this landscaper can get down to the fine details of the pergola and have the exact look that you get when you see a Sonoma 12 Pergola from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company.


The Outdoor Greatroom Company Sonoma Pergola

ACTION ITEMS                                                                              ESTIMATED TIME   

Order Sonoma 12 Pergola from OGC                                                 1 minute

Ship and deliver pergola                                                                       5 days

Install Pergola                                                                                        4 hours

           Total Time                                                                     5 days, 4 hours, 1 minute

                                                                                                          ESTIMATED COST

Sonoma 12 Redwood Pergola                                             Retail Value                 $3,699

                                                                                               Dealer Cost (40%)     $2,219.40


Savings by purchasing an engineered, pre-finished, ready to install pergola versus building one:  10 ½ days and $2,355.60 for a dealer.         



Google Business Pages: Why it’s Important

November 18th, 2014

Google Business Pages is important to your customers so it should be to you too. This is a free business marketing tool that every company and small business has access to. And chances are even if you haven’t created a Google Business Pages profile, it has been created on your behalf by Google, pulling (sometimes incorrect) information from the web.


If a customer in Minneapolis is looking for a fire pit, their first instinct will be to go to the internet. Let’s say they search for “Gas Fire Pits Minneapolis” which results in a list of stores close by. They pick the store at the top of the list because it has the most information and pictures. They often times aren’t looking for an online store, but need to find a store nearby to visit and shop. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company wants you to be that store! Even without your own website, you can still be at the top of the search results and get that potential consumer in your door. (click image to enlarge)

google business results

For us at The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, it is important that our customers businesses, even those that do not sell online or have their own website, have an online presence. Free marketing tools such as social media, these google resources, Yelp, etc. are very important when potential consumers are searching for a business. Even businesses that have a Google page set up already should be continually updating their profile with key words, pictures, and up to date information.

Read here for a consumers point of view on why it is important to keep an up to date Google profile. 

To get started download our Google Business instruction guide or visit



How to: Get Your Gas Fire Pit Ready for Winter

November 13th, 2014


Winter is coming. And in most places that means spending more time inside and less outside. There are many things that go into preparing your outdoor space for winter but today we are focusing on how to get your gas fire pit cleaned and ready for winter storage. Follow this list of 8 helpful steps to ensure your gas fire pit table with last for years and years.

  1. Remove any debris (leaves, dirt, etc.) from the burner
  2. Close gas valve on fire pit base or shut off gas line for natural gas
  3. Shut off and remove propane tank from base
  4. Remove glass wind guard or any other accessories and store inside
  5. Remove glass fire gems or fire media from burner – optional – can be done in winter or spring for cleaning
  6. Cover Crystal Fire Burner with burner cover
  7. Wipe down fire pit top and burner
  8. Cover gas fire pit table with vinyl cover

winter sonoma




Why Choose an Electric Fireplace?

November 6th, 2014

Before and After Insert_web

When looking for a fireplace for your home there are many important factors to consider— efficiency, safety, cost, ease-of-use, maintenance, etc. There is only one category of fireplaces that can hit all of these marks plus more–Electric Fireplaces. GreatCo., a division of The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, produces several styles of efficient electric fireplaces for you to choose from.

The cost to install and use an electric fireplace is at least four times less than a gas insert or linear fireplace and there is minimal maintenance compared to a wood-burning fireplace. Many aspects and features of an electric fireplace are there to save money and time.

  • There is no gas or fuel line required, just an electrical outlet for standard 110 volts.
  • There is no venting or chimney required— saving the time to maintain and the cost to install and keep up.
  • Smoke, soot, and residue from burning wood or gas are not a problem with an electric fireplace, saving time.
  • There is no annual service plan required and the daily operating cost is much less than a gas fireplace—only a penny per 24 hours with flame and backlighting and 9-18 cents per hour with the heat on.


Because a GreatCo. Electric fireplace can be used without the heat on; it is the perfect accent to a home no matter the season or temperature outside. These fireplaces are designed with LED lighting technology to run 12 months out of the year efficiently, quietly, and safely. No matter if a linear wall mounted fireplace or a fireplace insert is used, it can be easily moved from room to room without expense. Installation happens in minutes, not hours or days, and can be done without a professional (again saving money and time.)

GreatCo. Gallery Electric Fireplaces are also safe to use. They are great when adding warmth and heat to a room, but will stay cool to the touch. This safety feature is great for children, pets, and peace of mind. GreatCo. also has each fireplace tested and certified by the Canadian Standards Association for safety.

Whether it be updating an existing wood-burning fireplace or wanting to add a fireplace to any room of the house, electric is the fireplace of choice. GreatCo. Gallery Electric Fireplaces are expertly designed and tested for safety, making them the perfect addition to any space.



What’s Hot in Gas Fire Pits

October 27th, 2014

Original Post By June Higgins on October 24, 2014

Outdoor Greatroom Company

There is a wide variety of gas fire pits available, so today we’re focusing mainly on what’s hot in accessories and style when it comes to natural gas fire pits. And one design, in particular, is getting a lot of buzz: the “rectangular” fire pit.

To get an expert’s opinion on why this is so, we spoke with Joey Shimek, Eastern US Sales Manager for The Outdoor GreatRoom Company…

To read more visit:  Long Island Hot Tub’s blog



Extend Your Outdoor Season

October 16th, 2014

With the cool, crisp nights that fall brings many people extend their time spent outside by gathering around a gas fire pit or outdoor fireplace. While summer months may be too hot for a fire, the fall season is great for spending time outside. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company offers everything you need to create your own cozy outdoor room from furniture to fire pits to pergolas.


Pergolas can provide shelter from wind, sun, falling leaves, and even snow (hey, that fire pit will keep you warm!) We love pergolas for many reasons but the way they complete an outdoor room and tie everything together is our favorite.


Fire pits and fireplaces are an obvious choice in using to extend your outdoor season. With cooler fall and even winter nights, a fire pit or fireplace can keep you warm.

What’s an outdoor room without furniture? We have comfortable outdoor furniture that matches all of our products perfectly. Find the perfect height chair for your fire pit table or fireplace.



How to Video: Crystal Fire Gas Burner Installation

October 2nd, 2014

Setting up a UL listed Crystal Fire Burner from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is easy and can be done by anyone with the proper tools. Watch Paul explain the process is this short video.

New Product: White Onyx Providence Fire Pit Table

September 25th, 2014


The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™, the leader in outdoor living products and design, is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Providence collection, the White Onyx Providence Fire Pit Table. This gas fire pit features a compact, modern design for smaller outdoor living spaces without sacrificing style.

The White Onyx Providence Fire Pit Table features a sleek modern design with a black outdoor-rated metal base and a White Onyx marbled Supercast Top. Perfect for use in small outdoor spaces like patios or balconies, as well as modern and commercial settings. The collection also includes Stainless Steel and Marbleized Noche Supercast tops.

In stock October 2.

Providence features include:

  • 20 lb. LP Tank fits and hides under base of fire pit—no gas lines to see or trip over
  • Pair with optional glass guard for safety and enhanced flame
  • Can be converted to Natural gas (NG orifice included)
  • Battery operated igniter system
  • UL Listed for safety
  • Made In USA
  • Dimensions: Height: 24 ¼ in.    Width: 36 in.    Depth: 25 in.


NEW: Boardwalk Fire Pit Table

September 12th, 2014

Add coastal, shabby-chic warmth to your outdoor space

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ is pleased to announce the newly designed Boardwalk Fire Pit Table. This fire pit table was designed to bring versatility to the outdoors as both a fire pit and as a table. The Boardwalk gas fire pit table is UL listed for safety and made of durable, outdoor rated materials. The collection will be featured at upcoming trade shows including the Casual Furniture and Accessories Market in Chicago, Illinois and the High Point Market in North Carolina.

The marbleized white onyx super cast top coordinated with an easy to care composite deck brings that warm coastal, shabby-chic look to your outdoor room. Whether you are entertaining a small or large group, the Boardwalk Fire Pit Table will be the center of attention!


Boardwalk features include:

  • White onyx super cast top
  • Easy to maintain composite deck top
  • High density powder coated metal base12x 24” Stainless Steel Burner- UL Listed
  • Burner produces up to 55,000 BTU’s
  • Stores 20 lb. LP Tank in base

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ (OGC) manufactures unique, upscale products with design appeal for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Products include gas fire pits and gas fire pit tables, pergolas, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor gas fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces, grills, outdoor patio furniture and accessories.


Top 10 Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

September 11th, 2014

When the fall season comes around many people start to move indoors. Whether you’re entertaining friends, home alone, or spending time with family, a fireplace is a great focal point. GreatCo., a division of OGC, offers electric fireplaces for any style or size room of the house.


  1. No Gas or Fuel Line required, just an electrical outlet for standard 110 volts.
  2. There is no venting, flue, or chimney required.
  3. Electric fireplace installs in minutes, not hours or days like gas– saving time and money.
  4. There is no annual service plan required and the daily operating cost is much less than a gas fireplace—only a penny per 24 hours with flame and backlighting and 9-18 cents per hour with the heat on.
  5. Cool to the touch when flame and heat are on, therefore safe for children and pets. CSA certified for safety.
  6. LED light technology offers high definition realistic looking flames. LED’s last for 35,000 hrs+.
  7. Control your flame intensity, ember bed lighting, and backlighting
  8. Built-in heater operates on high & low settings and no heat when it is not wanted or needed– great for everyday, year-round use
  9. Move it to another room when you want to redecorate. Have one in every room without the cost of remodeling.
  10. Glass stays clean without the film or residue of gas, or smoke from wood. Also great for those with allergies.

Before and After Insert_web