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5 Garden Ideas to Match Your Outdoor Style

July 20th, 2017

For every outdoor style and space, a garden can be a tremendous backyard transformation. While gardens aren’t as instant as a fire pit table or pergola, they are worth the time and energy as it enhances your outdoor space and surrounding. Whether you are a gardener or not, gardening can be a creative outlet with your individual outdoor style. Here are 5 garden styles to try out this summer.

1. Flower Garden

If you love a full and colorful flower garden, try planting Bonica Shrub Rose, Salvia Leucantha, or Colorburst Orange Coneflower. Plant some annual flowers that bloom all summer long in a flower bed or create a fun container garden full of vibrant colors; some great and easy annuals we love are lavender or fuchsia petunias. There are a million ways to create a flower garden, but it is important to mix, blend, and contrast a color pallet of flowers that complement each other. These gardens are both fun and stunning and can provide you with cut flowers and bring more life to your outdoor space by attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and humming birds.

2. Modern Garden

If you are looking to explore a modern garden, try planting a stiff Yucca in a simple concrete container. Modern gardens are minimal and focus more on hardscape and structural elements. A grid-like pattern, lines, rocks, and concrete pavers are a couple design elements to give a try. Use a simple color scheme like white and green with small hints of color. Create contrast with structural elements and forgiving greenery. Instead of a variety of flowers, pick one, and plant mostly foliage.


3. Low-Maintenance Garden

Do you hate gardening but love a beautiful garden? Don’t worry! There are many low maintenance flowers, shrubs, and ground covers for the non-gardener. Try planting perennials! A vibrant flower, like the purple Texas Ranger, come back to life every year, you just need to water them! If you have a dull space or side yard, add a low maintenance, perennial ground cover like the fast growing Bishop’s Weed or easy Hostas. In addition, Creating a wildflower garden is another awesome low cost and low maintenance garden; pick out some native wildflower seeds and plant them in a proper environment, and you will have a full garden!


4. Rustic Garden

If you love the rustic, old farm look, creating a rustic garden is very obtainable. Add rustic architectural elements to your outdoor space such as a vintage metal fence in your flower bed, create paths with old bricks or cobble stone, and use wood for garden projects like signs or benches. Create organic shade by growing vines or flowering growers that can climb up a pergola. Plant flowers such as a purple hyacinth in rustic containers such as old watering cans, galvanized tubs, or livestock feeders. Don’t forget to choose a color palette; options are endless with this style!


5. Kitchen Garden

If you love home grown vegetables and using your own herbs for cooking, having a kitchen garden can be really fun, challenging, and rewarding. Try using raised beds to decrease weeds, control drainage, and keep pests away. If you’ve never had a vegetable garden, start small, and pick a couple easy veggies to start with like tomatoes and zucchini squash. Maybe try an organic vegetable garden by buying organic grown plants and seeds and omitting any fertilizer. Growing a vegetable and herb garden might not be as pretty as a flower garden, but it can be the most rewarding after you pull up some flavorful, colorful carrots and cook with pride.


New Product: Modern Twist on a Customer Favorite

July 13th, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS (July 11, 2017)— As the leader in the outdoor living industry, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ (OGC) is pleased to announce the release of the new Cove Intrigue Table Top Outdoor Lantern, a mini fire pit for your outdoor table. The Cove Intrigue was designed following the success of the modern concrete Cove Collection paired with the innovation and popularity from the Intrigue Table Top Outdoor Lantern.

The Cove ring is made of durable, modern faux-concrete. Tumbled lava rock sits between the faux-concrete ring and the glass of the Intrigue. The Cove ring and tumbled lava rock can be purchased with the Intrigue as a kit or ordered separately as an after market accessory. It is easy to install and designed to fit on any table with an umbrella hole between 1.75”-4”. Perfect for smaller residential patios and backyards or great for commercial applications in restaurants and hospitality settings.

Find the Cove Intrigue Table Top Outdoor Lantern on display at both the ICFA Preview Show, July 11-13, and the Casual Market, September 12-15, both in Chicago, IL.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ manufactures innovative, upscale products with design appeal for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Products include gas fire pits and gas fire tables, pergolas, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor gas fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces, outdoor patio furniture, custom, and commercial-grade products. Visit for more information.

ICFA Preview Show

July 6th, 2017

OGC is headed to the ICFA Preview Show in Chicago, IL, July 11-13. This is OGC’s first time exhibiting at the preview show. To learn more about upcoming events and trade shows OGC will be attending visit our events page!

Office Closed for 4th of July

July 3rd, 2017

The OGC offices will be closed through Tuesday, July 4, for the holiday weekend. We will resume regular business hours Wednesday, July 5. Happy 4th of July!

5 Unique S’mores Recipes

June 29th, 2017

S’mores are an essential part of summer nights as a fun and delicious snack to make with family and friends around the fire. We are often asked if you can roast marshmallows over fire glass or on a gas fire pit? And the answer is yes! As long as the item you are roasting is not to messy or drips onto the fire glass or gas burner (sorry, that rules out hot dogs) it is safe to roast over your gas fire pit. If you’re looking for creative ways to make s’mores, check out our list of 5 unique and trendy s’more recipe ideas!

1.       Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups s’more

Switch up the traditional Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! If peanut butter and chocolate isn’t your favorite, use any candy bar of your choice such as, Twix, Kit Kat, Snickers, Nestlé Crunch, or Milkyway. Switching up the candy bar is an easy variation that can give your s’mores a unique change of flavor and texture.

2.       Chocolate Chip Cookie and Nutela S’more.

Replace graham crackers with chocolate chip cookies, and instead of chocolate, use nutela! You can use your own chocolate chip cookie recipe or grab some store bought cookies if your not a baker or time isn’t on your hands; then at the bonfre, add nutela and your golden brown, toasted marshmallow.

3.       Peanut Butter and Banana S’more

Create a delicious, Elvis style s’more using graham crackers, peanutbutter, bananas, and toasted marshmallows. Another variation that we love to add to this s’more recipe is to use chocolate graham crackers if you don’t like the idea of a s’more without any chocolate! (We don’t either)

4.      Bacon S’more

The add bacon trend can absolutely be applied to s’mores! If your a bacon fanatic, create a bacon s’more with graham crackers, bacon, milk chocolate bars, and toasted marshmallow. Fry up the bacon right before the marshmallow toasting, and serve warm; you can make normal bacon or caramelize it with brown sugar and cinnamon to make it sweeter.

5.       Salted Caramel S’more

This s’more recipe might be our fanciest yet messiest, but it sure is delicious! Top your graham cracker and chocolate s’more with melted, salted caramel. Use caramel bits and heat them up in a microwave or on a stove, then use a spoon to place the melted deliciousness on top of the chocolate, and add course salt. An easier variation of this is to use a salted caramel chocolate candy like Ghirardelli squares.


The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Crafts New Brand Promise

June 22nd, 2017

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is excited to announce the company’s new brand promise. This first brand promise for the company comes following a new logo and brand refresh in 2016. It is an extension of the company’s mission statement “to bring family and friends together by redefining the home living experience through innovative products and people.”

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Brand Promise:

“Let the Outdoor GreatRoom Company help to define your outdoor experience. We set the trends outside while providing innovative technology, safe yet stylish products, and reliable and friendly service. From concept to design to delivery, we will ensure your style doesn’t stop at the back door. Distinctive products for a distinctive lifestyle. Live life outside.”

The brand promise is a reflection of the commitment the company has to its current and future customers. And is a summary of why The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has become the leader in the outdoor living industry over the last decade.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ manufactures innovative, upscale products with design appeal for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Products include gas fire pits and gas fire tables, pergolas, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor gas fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces, outdoor patio furniture, custom, and commercial-grade products. Visit for more information.

Follow The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for updates and design inspirations at and

Backyard BBQ Party Ideas

June 15th, 2017

Now that it is summer, the outdoor entertaining season is upon us. From grad parties or birthdays to just for fun parties, there is always some reason to get outside and gather with friends and family. When throwing a backyard BBQ party, it is important to do some planning and think about things such as a party theme, your outdoor entertaining space, and food to serve. If you are planning on hosting a backyard BBQ this summer, check out some of our favorite yard party ideas.


When hosting a party, it is important to pick out a theme as it creates a balanced atmosphere and brings all the elements of a party together. Just come up with a vision of the party and stick to it! Your theme can direct decorations, party dishes, and even the food you serve. By doing this, your party will become easier and your party will instantly become more memorable and unique.

Entertaining Space

Next, it’s important to think about your outdoor space and where you want to place tables and chairs for guests, entertaining tables for food and drinks, outdoor games, casual sitting areas, and some decorations. When throwing a party it’s always a great idea to have some fun yard games. Bags or croquet are classic games that will work for any party, but you can also get creative with more active games such as giant jenga or badminton depending on the environment. It’s also a great idea to decorate your party. Aside from matching party ware, some of our favorite party decorations are hanging lights if the party falls into the evening, and fun signage for any party logistics such as parking, the menu, or games.



Last but not least is picking out the right food and recipes to use. Food is the most important element to a party, and when throwing a backyard BBQ, grilling is essential. When choosing what to grill, it is good to keep in mind how many people you will be feeding as well as what you are best at and enjoy cooking the most. One of our favorite and fun recipes is grilled Hawaiian chicken kabobs, which is chicken breast, pineapple, purple onions, and green, red, and/or yellow bell peppers on a stick marinated, seasoned, and grilled to perfection. It is a simple thing to make and can be prepared well ahead of time giving you plenty of time to enjoy your party.


Backyard BBQ’s are summer staples, so make the most of your outdoor space by inviting friends over to enjoy it with you!

Spend Father’s Day Outside

June 8th, 2017

Enjoy this father’s day by spending time outside with your dad! Now that June is here, and Father’s day is approaching, it is time to get your outdoor space ready to spend quality time with Dad and the family. Gathering around the fire pit in your backyard is a great way to make family memories.

If you are still looking for a father’s day gift, our Intrigue Table Top Outdoor Lantern is a great present idea for this father’s day. The Intrigue is a table top fire pit, that serves as a decorative accent and a center of focus on any outdoor dining or pub table. It is small and simple, but brings new ambiance to the room with its swirling, glowing flame. If your dad likes spending time outside and enjoys a unique flame to gather around, then the Intrigue is the perfect option for you. It is an affordable table top fire pit that would make for an amazing and unique gift that your father doesn’t know he wants.

Gathering around any type of fire pit is a great way to bring family together, and it is one of our favorite ways to spend time with our fathers and kids on Father’s Day. Fire pits are the heart of every outdoor space and serves as a focus and center of gathering all summer long. Make this father’s day special by creating memories around the fire pit.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Gas Fire Pit Table

June 1st, 2017

Outdoor gas fire pit tables are a great way to add warmth as well as a focal point in any backyard or patio. A fire pit table is the center of gathering as people enjoy meeting around mesmerizing and relaxing flames. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, adding a gas fire pit is a great way to create an inviting and cozy space that will bring family and friends together. Here are the top 10 reasons to purchase a gas fire pit table.

1.       Gas fire pits can burn at full capacity in less than 5 seconds and be turned off whenever you want giving you an instant flame with no hassle or wait time to extinguish.

2.       With a more controllable flame, they can be safer to use than other fuel types. Gas fire pits can be used in city limits and next to houses where other fuel type fire pits may not be allowed.

3.       There are a variety of looks, designs, and burner sizes available with OGC gas fire pit tables. With the many options, you can find the perfect gas fire pit tailored to any outdoor space.

4.       With gas fire pits, there are no sparks or hot embers to get caught in the wind –meaning no mess involved!

5.       They are safe to use with your patio furniture, next to your pool, or on a wooden deck where a traditional wood burning fire pit couldn’t go.

6.       Different heights are available: chat height, dining, or pub height to tailor to specific uses.

Colonial Collection fire pit Height Comparison


7.       2 for 1– Gas fire pit and a table– Cover the burner when it’s not in use, and use it as a table!

8.       Gas fire pits provide both heat and ambiance with an adjustable flame– control the temperature and flame height (OGC fire pits run between 60K  to 150K BTUs).

9.       You can furthermore change the look of a single fire pit with OGC glass guards and colored glass gems, tumbled lava rock, or a natural looking log set.

10.     OGC’s gas fire pits are all UL listed for safety– very important!

Office Closed for Memorial Day

May 25th, 2017

OGC will be closed Monday, May 29, to celebrate Memorial Day. We will resume regular business hours Tuesday, May 30. Enjoy this weekend with family and friends!