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Extending Your Outdoor Season

September 22nd, 2016

Summer may have come to an end, but your time outside doesn’t have to! Autumn is the perfect season to put your outdoor room to use and enjoy the cooler weather. Take a look at the ways you can extend your outdoor season later into the fall with these outdoor accessories. Not only will your outdoor room look beautiful next to your home, but will give you more time this fall to spend outside, gathered around the fire, with your family and friends.



Pergolas are a great option to add to your outdoor room to protect you against the elements such as wind, rain, and even snow! A roof or lattice can usually be added to the pergola and some even have the ability to add walls, shielding you from above and side to side. By adding a pergola to your layout you can stay outside longer this year, relaxing under the comfort and shelter your pergola can provide.


Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Fire pits and fireplaces are an obvious choice when looking for a way to keep your outdoor room nice and heated. As the weather gets cooler a fire pit or fireplace will radiate heat in your room making it much easier to enjoy the autumn nights. Both provide a beautiful focal piece for your space as well as an area to gather around with family and friends! Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, so regardless of how small or how large your outdoor room is you can find one that’s perfect for you.

Outdoor Greatroom Company

Outdoor Furniture

No outdoor room is complete without some great furniture to place around the fire! Comfortable gliders and rockers are a great addition to your space and make it that much more enjoyable to sit back, unwind, and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery that autumn brings. Throw pillows and blankets are also an easy and quick way to add another layer of warmth to your room while adding a decorative element to the space.


Outdoor Lighting

When summer ends and fall begins the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Extend the use of your outdoor room by adding lights to your space. Add some twinkling string lights to your pergola or some outdoor lamps to brighten up the room allowing you to stay out later into the night. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the evening outside even after the sun goes down.

As the cooler weather draws near make adjustments to your outdoor room to ensure it is ready to be used for three seasons this year!  More time outside means more quality time spent with your loved ones, and what’s better than that?

Contact the Outdoor GreatRoom Company to get started on creating your outdoor room today.


Outdoor Design Trends

September 15th, 2016

Some trends in home décor are fleeting while others stick around, evolving and expanding into different areas of the home. This year, outdoor furniture and accessory designs were reminiscent of popular interior styles such as industrial mixed metals or the rustic, shabby-chic farmhouse look. Take a glance at how you can take these trends outside, transforming your outdoor room and creating a new style and feel for your deck and patio décor.

Brooks fire table

Industrial Mixed Metals

Industrial-style design includes mixing and matching metals and materials as well as matte and glossy finishes. In interior designing this can look like anything from steely tones in wall color and furniture to a mix of metals in side tables, lamps, and wall décor. When this style is taken to the outdoors, fire pits, outdoor furniture, throw pillows and string bulb lights can be used to create that industrial feel. When creating an industrial-looking outdoor room, think raw and unfinished materials that create a sleek look. If your home is brick, consider mixing textiles by adding a granite and stucco fire pit for contrast and add steel or metal outdoor furniture. Throw in some decorative pillows in neutral colors, like shades of grey, and simple materials to add some detail. This style has been an interior designing hit specifically in lofts and unfinished apartments, so take the trend outside into your outdoor room and make it your own.


Linear Vintage Fire Pit

Rustic Shabby-Chic

If distressed woods with a rustic and homey feeling are more your style, look into shabby-chic farmhouse designs to complete your outdoor room. This trend has been popular in both living room and kitchen designs and has even made its way onto the wedding décor scene! White-washed barn doors, wooden accessories in light, pastel colors and small flowers can be used to perfect this look. Create this style outdoors with wooden fire pits and pergolas. Outdoor lighting is key to making this design work, so add a few twinkling lights around your pergola to create a warm, glowing space. Don’t forget to include some lace and burlap accessories! To find a few unique, vintage pieces, check out your local antique store or consignment shop. Gliders and rockers are the perfect outdoor furniture pieces for comfort and for this farmhouse design. To finish off the look, add some cozy throw blankets and pillows in light colors to give your outdoor room that ‘home, sweet, home’ feeling.

Whether your taste is more modern like the industrial look, or simple and sweet like the farmhouse design, you can transform your outdoor room to match this year’s most popular trends. Great home design doesn’t have to stop inside so start designing your outdoor room now with the help of the Outdoor GreatRoom Company.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Hosts Second Annual Conference

September 12th, 2016


The Outdoor GreatRoom Company (OGC) hosted its second-annual Outdoor GreatRoom Conference, September 7-8, at their new corporate headquarters in Burnsville, Minnesota. The event included staff, sales representatives, and a number of customers from across the U.S. and Canada for a two-day event. This educational event themed “Place Your Bets on OGC” featured showroom, factory, and engineering tours, hands on product training, and round table discussions.

Evening festivities included dinner and hospitality, go-karting, and a hosted evening at Canterbury Park for some horse racing. Eric Cannon, Territory Representative for the Rocky Mountain States commented it was a “fun and informative team building experience. As usual it was well planned and well executed by [OGC.] The new facility is awesome. Wow!”


This event brought the company closer to its customers and provided a lot of feedback into how OGC can help its customers and sales representatives succeed in the market. Steve Shimek, VP of Sales got the feedback that “OGC listens, [they are] fun to do business with, very innovative, great customer service, and good people.”

OGC is looking forward to growing this event in the future.


The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ (OGC) manufactures unique, upscale products with design appeal for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Products include gas fire pits and gas fire pit tables, pergolas, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor gas fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces, grills, outdoor patio furniture, accessories, along with custom and commercial products. Visit for more information.



Add Value to your Home with an Outdoor Room

September 8th, 2016

Creating an outdoor room for your home will not only make your backyard stand out among the rest, but will add to, and increase, the value of your home. The ‘outdoor greatroom’ came from the idea that homeowners should enjoy their outdoor space as much as their indoor living space. An outdoor room is an extension of your home, without being limited to just four walls. Your space can include everything from an outdoor kitchen island to a pergola over a fire pit, surrounded by cozy outdoor furniture. No matter how large or how small your home is, maximize the use of your yard by adding some or all of the elements that make up an outdoor room.

Custom Kitchen Island

Outdoor Kitchen Island

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home can help to double the amount of space available for food preparation and dining. Whether or not your outdoor kitchen is more food based and equipped with amenities such as a grill, sink and refrigerator, or is more entertainment focused with a fire table, extra dining space, and a bar, the second kitchen can help to boost the value of your home by working as another room, extending from your home. Outdoor kitchen Islands are completely customizable meaning you can create the perfect outdoor space that matches the architecture of your home, and that meets all of your needs for your outdoor room.

Outdoor Living Room

Take your patio or backyard to the next level by creating an outdoor living room, perfect for gathering with family and friends. Add a pergola with a roof for protection against weather like rain or sun. The added roof will help to extend your outdoor season earlier in the spring and later into autumn by protecting you against the elements, further increasing the value of your home with an outdoor room that can be used for almost three full seasons! Make the room your own version of an outdoor living room by adding outdoor furniture and a fire pit for gathering and entertaining. Furniture such as gliders and love seats will give your outdoor room a homey and comfortable feeling that everyone will love.


Outdoor Solutions for Small Spaces

If you have limited space around your home or in your yard, but would still like to create an outdoor room, consider smaller versions of a fire pit such as a fire bowl or a table top fire pit. Putting a nice rug underneath your table and some decorative pillows and throw blankets on your outdoor furniture will give your small outdoor space a cozy look and feel, making anyone who uses it feel more at home. The little details make a big difference when assessing the value of your home, and an outdoor space is a great way to increase that value.

Mix and match the different elements of an outdoor room to create your perfect space. Whether you need an outdoor kitchen with a fire feature or a simple table top fire pit for your deck, make your dream a reality with a custom outdoor room from Outdoor GreatRoom Company.


New Product Release: Intrigue Table Top Fire Feature

September 1st, 2016

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ is pleased to announce the newly designed Intrigue Table Top Fire Feature. The Intrigue features a stunning, spinning flame that can fit in almost any outdoor table umbrella hole. The unit is UL listed for safety and has a versatile design that will match any style.

The Intrigue runs on a 1 lb. LP tank that is housed in a small base hidden under the table. Installation is quick and easy making it simple to switch from installing an umbrella for sunny days and the Intrigue for a beautiful, glowing centerpiece. The Intrigue is great for both residential and commercial properties.

This product will be on display at the upcoming Chicago Casual Market, September 20-23.

Intrigue Table top fire pit


• Patent pending Venturi™ Technology
• Installs in minutes, spring loaded connection lock
• 3000 BTU’s – operates on 1 lb. LP tank up to 6 hours
• 1 lb. LP tank fits securely in box with access door
• UL Listed for safety
• Fits umbrella holes 1.75-4”

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ (OGC) manufactures unique, upscale products with design appeal for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Products include gas fire pits and gas fire tables, pergolas, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor gas fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces, outdoor patio furniture, custom, and commercial products. Visit for more information.

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Brighten Up your Pool with Fire Features

August 25th, 2016

When the weather is warm and the sun is setting, brighten up your pool area with a fire feature. Not only will a fire feature extend the use of your pool into the cooler months, but will also create a glowing place to gather around with family and friends. Fire features can range from an outdoor fireplace to a simpler, smaller fire pit that can be placed alongside the water. Light up your backyard with a fire feature and create an elegant atmosphere of warmth and beauty surrounding your pool.

There is nothing cozier than sitting by your Stone Arch Fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace is a great way to enhance your backyard experience. Simply place some comfortable furniture, cushions, and blankets around the fireplace to create a cozy gathering area that everyone can enjoy. When placed next to a pool, the fireplace can keep you warm after taking a swim, create light around your backyard and pool area, or can be a beautiful spot to sit and look out at the water on a warm evening.


Fire Pits

Fire pits are another wonderful option when looking for a fire feature to put near water. Fire pits can be moved to fit your outdoor décor needs and can be used during any season. They come in many styles and designs so you are sure to find one to compliment your outdoor architecture, or to match your existing outdoor furniture. Fire pits can be put to great use when hosting and entertaining guests as a source of warmth and light, and as a place for guests to mingle around.


Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are the perfect fire feature if you are looking for a way to add light and warmth immediately alongside the edge of your pool. Some fire bowls can even be customized to serve as both a fire feature and a water feature, in the form of a fountain. Fire bowls are a smaller version of fire pits that can be placed on the ground, on a patio, and depending on their size, on a column or another architectural form. Though they are smaller than a traditional fire pit or outdoor fireplace, the fire bowls still create a flame large enough to give off heat and light.

If you have a specific vision of what you would like to see in your backyard, next to the water, the Outdoor GreatRoom Company can create a custom fire pit to make your dream a reality! Take a look at the website for inspiration and click here to start the process of creating your perfect fire pit.



The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Relocates Office

August 18th, 2016

OGC New Office

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™, the leader in the outdoor living industry, is pleased to announce their relocation to a larger headquarters in Burnsville, MN.

The move brings shipping, production, warehousing, and the corporate offices under one roof. The move was spurred by significant growth the company has seen in the last several years. As the outdoor living industry has grown and the company’s position in the industry has grown, there has been increased demand to provide even better products and service to the customer. By housing all areas of the business under one roof, services to the customer and shipping procedures will become even more efficient.

The larger space will promote continued growth for the business and create a more cohesive work environment for employees.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company’s new address is 14400 Southcross Drive West, Suite 100, Burnsville, MN. The company’s toll free number will stay the same, but the new main phone number is 952-658-6730 and the new fax number is 952-658-6731. Email addresses will all stay the same.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ (OGC) manufactures unique, upscale products with design appeal for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Products include gas fire pits and gas fire tables, pergolas, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor gas fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces, custom and commercial products, outdoor patio furniture and accessories. Visit for more information.

Endless Possibilities with Outdoor Kitchen Islands

August 11th, 2016

An outdoor kitchen island is a great way to spend time outdoors with your family and friends in a space that is completely customizable to your lifestyle and architectural tastes. The possibilities of what to include in your outdoor kitchen are endless and help to ensure that you are maximizing the use of your backyard! Take a look at these three creative uses of kitchen islands ranging from a traditional kitchen to a more simple entertainment island, that’s perfect for a drink outside with friends.


Sonoma Pergola Island

Outdoor Kitchen Island

These islands are 100% customizable to fit the need of each individual home. Many kitchen islands can be designed to include a grill, refrigerator, bar, sink, dining and counter space, cabinets, and even a place to hold trash. Creating a kitchen complete with all of these components ensures that all of your food preparation can be done outside on you island, minimizing the amount of trips back and forth from the kitchen. If your focus is more on the beverage side, look into options such as a kegerator or a wine cooler for your outdoor bar. Wine racks are an easy add and look great in an outdoor kitchen! With a traditional kitchen island, you’ll never have to worry about missing the party while you’re busy preparing a meal, snacks, or drinks!


Entertainment IslandCustom Kitchen Island

If you’re looking to create an outdoor space that can serve as both a place for food preparation and entertaining, consider adding an element such as a fire pit to your island. The fire pit may be small, but will add a touch of elegance to your island giving you more counter space and will make a beautiful place for you to gather around with family. Take it a step further and increase your options for entertainment by adding a TV or speakers to play music from, to keep your family and friends entertained. Specialty lighting is also a simple and easy way to create ambiance in and around your outdoor island. An entertainment island looks great on a patio or next to a pool. Spend your summer outdoors, by the water, with your drinks and snacks just a few feet away!


Fire IslandsMARQUEE

Do you already have all of the elements you desire in a kitchen inside of your home? Are you simply looking for a great way to dine outside and entertain guests? If so, take a look at fire islands. Many of these tables include a pub height base and are topped off with a stunning fire pit surrounded by plenty of dining space. The fire islands are a unique twist on a traditional dining table and a beautiful way to serve a meal, create more counter space, or to simply sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchen Islands are completely customizable, meaning your dream outdoor dining and entertaining center can become a reality! Mix and match any of the elements that fit your specific needs to create the perfect outdoor extension to your home.

To get started on designing your customized outdoor kitchen island, check out The Outdoor GreatRoom Company or contact

August Move Update

August 4th, 2016

WE’RE MOVING! We will be moving this summer to combine our office, manufacturing, and shipping warehouse all under one roof! For important dates and our new contact information see below:

14400 Southcross Drive West, Suite 100  |  Burnsville, MN  55306  |  952.658.6730

As of July 19: Shipping Warehouse has moved and is now operating from Burnsville, MN.

August 5: Our showroom is closed temporarily and reopen August 19.

August 12: Office will be moving and will be closed for the day.

August 15: Office and phone system will be back up and running in our new building!

August 19: Showroom is back open to the public.

New Product Release: Linear Vintage Fire Table

July 28th, 2016

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ is excited to announce the newly updated Linear Vintage Fire Table. The Linear Vintage Fire Table joins the Square Vintage Fire Table after overwhelming popularity. A stunning 12×42” Honey Glow Brown color coated stainless steel burner is the star of the table and produces up to 90,000 BTU’s.

linear vintage fire table

The table top is made from a distressed wood-look colored tile top. The frame of the top and base are made from a distressed cedar wood that will continue to age beautifully as time goes on. The table trends toward the looks of rustic and shabby-chic that are gaining popularity in both the indoor and outdoor casual furniture industries. The table conceals a 20 lb. LP tank in the base or can be hooked up to natural gas.


  • Available now for pre sale to Platinum level dealers, full release September 1, 2016
  • Includes clear fire glass, optional glass guard and glass burner cover sold separately
  • Burner produces up to 90,000 BTU’s
  • Made in USA
  • UL Listed for safety

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ (OGC) manufactures unique, upscale products with design appeal for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Products include gas fire pits and gas fire tables, pergolas, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor gas fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces, grills, outdoor patio furniture and accessories. Visit for more information.

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